The Electronic Cigarette

The Electronic Cigarette, or E-cig, provides an alternative method for users of regular tobacco cigarettes.
With our E-cigs, nothing is lit or burned so there is no unpleasant and invasive cigarette odour on your hands, breath, clothes and living area.
No-Match E-cigs provide the nicotine hit, but have no tar, tobacco, carbon monoxide or any of the other harmful chemicals found in traditional cigarettes.
Changing to a No-Match E-cig can save the average smoker up to 80% compared to similar tobacco usage, making E-cigs a great way to feel healthier and wealthier.
We strongly believe that our E-cigs are the perfect smoking alternative.


How Do They Work?

Most of our E-cig range involves two components: an Atomiser and a Battery.
The Atomiser is, in essence, a tank into which you pour the e-liquid. Liquids come in many flavours and contain varying levels of nicotine – from strong all the way down to no nicotine at all.

In each atomiser is a coil. This soaks up some of the liquid and acts like a wick – when it's heated, it turns the liquid into vapour, creating a cloud of steam (not smoke!) that the user can then inhale.

The Atomiser is attached to a Battery which produces the energy required to heat the coil to produce the vapour.

Batteries screw into the Atomiser and are fully rechargeable. Unless you're subjecting an E-cig to some seriously heavy usage, a Battery will give you at least a day's vaping without the need for a recharge.

How Do I Use My E-Cig?

Battery Charging

First up, you'll need to make sure your battery is fully charged.

There's a button on the side of your battery which should light up when you press it. If it doesn't, it's not turned on. To turn it on (or off again for that matter), press the button five times in quick succession. The button should then flash three times to confirm that the battery is now active.

If the battery is charged, the button will light up and stay lit for as long as you hold it down. If you hold it down for too long, the light will flash again and automatically cut the connection between the battery and the atomiser – this is a safety feature to ensure that an accidental connection does not occur.

If the light flashes repeatedly when you hold down the button, it's time to recharge the battery.

To recharge, screw the battery into the USB cable that connects the charger to the mains. Do not over-tighten – finger tight is perfect, too tight might damage the connection and affect the recharge.

If the button on the battery turns red, it means the recharge has started.

Batteries usually take between two and three hours to fully recharge. Once it is complete, the button light will turn green. As soon as the recharge is done, disconnect the battery from the charger.

You are now ready to use your E-cig!

But before we tell you about that, please take a moment to read the important battery safety information by clicking HERE

Using Your E-Cig

Before you do anything else, your atomiser needs to be filled with liquid.

Unscrew or pull out the mouthpiece on the end of the atomiser. Inside the atomiser, you'll see a central hole. Please do not pour liquid into this hole – all liquid should be dripped into the atomiser either side of that central hole.

Do not overfill the atomiser with liquid. There are markings on the side of the tank to give you a good idea of how much liquid needs to be in there. Once you're happy that the atomiser is nicely topped up with liquid, replace the mouthpiece and turn the whole unit up and down a few times to ensure the coil is nicely soaked.

Now you can screw the atomiser into the battery. Again, don't over-tighten – finger tight is just fine. Once the atomiser and battery are connected, you're good to go.

Put the mouthpiece to your lips, press the button on the battery and, while still holding the button down, inhale. You should get an immediate hit from the vapour your E-cig produces. Stop pressing the button as you inhale.

It's up to you how long you keep your finger on the button. The longer you do, the bigger the hit. But don't overdo it or you could risk burning out the coil and running down the battery far quicker than it should do.

Experiment. Practice makes perfect. You'll soon discover the perfect method for you.


If your E-cig has been standing there, unused, for a while you'll need to tip it upside down so that everything is properly moistened again.

Please remember to keep your atomiser properly stocked with liquid. If you use your E-cig when the tank is dry, the heating element could fail, leaving you with a mouthful of burnt taste -and a busted atomiser.

If the burnt taste persists, or you can no longer hear a small roaring sound when you press the button on the battery and put your ear to the atomiser, it means the atomiser has come to the end of its natural life and needs replacing.

Be sure to keep the connecting areas between the atomiser and battery clean and dry. Liquid can escape now and again and seep into those connective areas which, in turn, can impair the performance of the atomiser and the recharging ability of the battery. Unscrew both components and clean the affected areas. A cotton bud works well, as does a very small piece of kitchen roll.

If you're experimenting with different flavours, use a different atomiser for each one or you'll not get a consistent and pleasant taste sensation.

And finally, if you do get a mouthful of unvapourised liquid, spit it out and rinse your mouth out with lots of water. It's not going to kill you, but it's not the nicest of experiences and, if you swallow the 'raw' liquid, you'll probably end up with some serious hiccups as your body tries to deal with too much nicotine all at once. If you're using a nicotine-free liquid, then feel free to ignore that last comment. But don't swallow it anyway - it's just not designed to be experienced that way.

That's It – Go Enjoy!

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