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US researchers say switching to e-cigs could save 6.6 million smokers

US researchers say switching to e-cigs could save 6.6 million smokers

The study was published in the journal Tobacco Control, and co-author David Levy said that the electronic devices should be endorsed as part of an “endgame for cigarette smoking”.

The researchers said that the collective amount of extra years lived by those 6.6 million smokers who could switch to vaping, would add up to an astounding 86.7 million years. “Old policies need to be supplemented with policies that encourage substituting e-cigarettes for the far more deadly cigarettes,” said Levy.

In conducting this study, the researchers emulated worst and best case scenarios for the possible outcomes that would result from smoking being replaced by vaping. Interestingly, even in the most pessimistic scenario, the researchers found that 1.6 million former smokers could avoid premature death, while a mind blowing 6.6 million would live longer in the best case scenario.

The benefits of endorsing e-cigs are undeniable

Co-author David Levy pointed out the importance of also taking into account the improved quality of life of those who switch to e-cigs, rather than just the quantity. “In addition (to lives saved), there would be tremendous health benefits including reduced disease disability to smokers, reduced pain and suffering, and reduced exposure to secondhand smoke,” said David Levy.

Other field experts who were not involved in the study, have also spoken up to highlight the tremendous significance of this research. “The benefits are massive and demonstrate the importance of embracing, rather than rejecting, the potential of this new generation of nicotine products,” said John Britton, director of the UK centre for tobacco and alcohol studies at Nottingham University.

Source: Vaping Post
October 9th, 2017

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