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Mistress Citrus PG

Mistress Citrus takes the flavourings of orange, lemon and lime and whips them into a frenzy to produce a scintillating vape.

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Mistress Citrus takes the flavourings of orange, lemon and lime and whips them into a frenzy to produce a scintillating vape.

Please Note: This eliquid must only be used in a tank/atomiser that is constructed from glass, or Pyrex/borosilicate. Using this eliquid in any plastic atomiser could result in the atomiser cracking or the plastic frosting.

No-Match PG E-Liquid Information

No-Match PG E-liquids are for use in electronic cigarettes and come in a 10 ml squeezy bottle with a thin nozzle for easy filling.

Our E-Liquid is made using pure pharma grade ingredients of a very high quality, flavourings, and pharma grade nicotine (depends on strength chosen).
The flavourings are approved and are the best E-Liquid flavours available, giving very natural tasting quality flavours.
Most flavours we use in No-Match E-Liquids are water soluble so they do not gunk up the atomiser on your electronic cigarette.
The main ingredient is propylene glycol, this gives a good throat hit and a smooth vape that carries the flavour well.

Simply fill your atomiser (upto the max line) of your e cigarette and vape as usual.


No-Match PG E-liquids are available in strengths  0.6%, 1.2% and 1.8%, (depending on flavour)


  • Pharmaceutical grade nicotine (only in strengths above zero)
  • Pharmaceutical grade propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG)
  • Can hold a dash of pharmaceutical grade aqueous glycerine or water
  • Flavourings


By (Reading, United Kingdom) on  02 March 2016 (Mistress Citrus PG) :

can be very overpowering.

A sparkling sherbet lemony flavour for occasional use throughout the day because it can be very overpowering.

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