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Warranty Details

Your No-Match Electronic cigarette kit is made up of various parts, all are replaceable, some are disposable, the list below details the warranty terms for all the various parts. Please note your kit of choice may not include all the items listed below, for specific contents of your kit please see kit packaging.

Battery28 Days from date of purchase.
Atomisers (All types)D.O.A
Coils (All types)D.O.A
USB charger12 Months from date of purchase
Wall Plug12 Months from date of purchase
Carry Case28 Days from date of purchase
Lanyard28 Days from date of purchase
X-Tar Chargers24 Months from date of purchase

Customer misuse or abuse negates all warranty, and No-Match cannot be held responsible when instructions are not followed.

No-Match reserves the right to test returned products before offering a refund or exchange. We will endeavor to test products in a timely manner.
Battery cells degrade over time and use, therefore No-Match recommend safe disposal of your battery after it has been recharged 150 times or 4 months whichever is the sooner.