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V3 Starter Kit

The perfect solution for anyone looking to make the switch from traditional cigarettes.

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£19.99 tax incl.

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Our Starter kit is the perfect solution for anyone looking to make the switch from traditional cigarettes.

It is also a great 'spare' in case of need for more seasoned vapers.

At £19.99 it's also great value for money.

Have you seen our new updated starter kit.. .More vape.. bigger hit.. All-in-one slimline unit. Same affordable price!

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Kit Contents:

E-Cig Battery Safety (Micro USB)

Battery Use

General Information

Our batteries come in various sizes - Starting at the compact 1000 mAh up to our top of the range Wildcat and Lancer - They come in many different styles and colours.

Generally speaking, the higher the number, the bigger the size and the longer the period the battery can go before it needs re-charging.

Please ensure that you read and understand the battery safety instructions that are enclosed with your new battery.

Re-Charging Information

You must only use the USB Charger supplied by No-Match to charge your Battery.

Please ensure that you always use the LiPo Safe bag when re-charging your battery. If Lithium Ion batteries are misused or abused, they can get hot, explode or ignite. In the unlikely event of this occurring, the LiPo Safe bag will minimise external damage and danger because the re-charging will take place in a controlled and protected environment.

Warranty Information: 28 Days from date of purchase.

Battery Safety

Lithium Polymer (LiPo) and Lithium Ion (Li Ion) batteries may get hot, explode or ignite causing serious injury if abused or misused.

  • ALWAYS charge a battery on a fire retardant surface.
  • ALWAYS charge in a LiPo Safe Charge Bag..
  • ALWAYS dispose of dead or damaged batteries in the correct way.
  • ALWAYS Use correct charger for your battery. USB Chargers are SPECIFIC TO THE BATTERY TYPE. They are NOT interchangeable.
  • DO NOT carry a battery in your pocket with keys or loose coins
  • DO NOT drop, strike or subject a battery to strong impact or shock.
  • DO NOT expose a battery to water, or salt water.
  • DO NOT leave a charging battery unattended.
  • DO NOT over tighten a battery when connecting to an atomiser.
  • DO NOT pierce the battery in any way.
  • DO NOT place the battery in fire, or heat the battery.
  • DO NOT place the battery near fire, cookers ( or other high temperature locations ), in direct sunlight or leave inside a vehicle during hot weather.
  • DO NOT solder onto, modify or dismantle the battery in any way.
  • DO NOT use a battery that has any visible damage
  • DO NOT use a charger with frayed or damaged wires, or torn insulation..
  • IMMEDIATELY cease use of a battery if it smells unusual, feels hot, changes colour or shape, or appears abnormal in any way.
  • No matter which type of battery you use you should discontinue its use if damaged.
  • Remove battery from USB or Charging unit IMMEDIATELY when charging is complete.
  • We suggest replacing your battery after 150 charges, or 4 months, whichever is the sooner.
No-Match can not be held responsible for any damaged caused by misuse, mishandling, or any damage caused by not using the LiPo Safe Charging Bag.


By (Derby, United Kingdom) on 05 Dec. 2017 (V3 Starter Kit) :

V3 Start giving up

Excellent. Great gift to help someone start to give up. They really liked the smart presentation pouch it comes in making it easy to carry the kit around & use it!

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By (Montrose, United Kingdom) on 21 Feb. 2016 (V3 Starter Kit) :

No complaints

Great value and quick delivery. No complaints

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By (Bedfordshire, United Kingdom) on 21 Jan. 2016 (V3 Starter Kit) :

Very good

Very good

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By (Liverpool, United Kingdom) on 05 June 2015 (V3 Starter Kit) :

very happy with my purchase

very happy with my purchase I have 2 now and both fine

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By (Helsby, United Kingdom) on 09 Apr. 2015 (V3 Starter Kit) :

Cut down on cigs by 75% instantly

Cut down on cigs by 75% instantly. Very quick delivery and very easy to assemble! Had a battery issue and no-match customer services sent me a replacement out which I received the following day! Brilliant service!

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By (London, United Kingdom) on 08 Apr. 2015 (V3 Starter Kit) :

Love it. Not smoked one cigarette since

Love it. Not smoked one cigarette since Thursday last week. It has changed my life! Have recommended to two friends already. Thank you.

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By (Bury, United Kingdom) on 31 March 2015 (V3 Starter Kit) :

Very easy to use

Very easy to use

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By (Oldham , United Kingdom) on 27 March 2015 (V3 Starter Kit) :

Realy good

Realy good products had me old 1 ages realy happy

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By (Derbyshire, United Kingdom) on 16 Feb. 2015 (V3 Starter Kit) :

Really good kit

Really good kit for the price you pay

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By (Winsford, United Kingdom) on 18 Jan. 2015 (V3 Starter Kit) :

Brilliant vapour

Brilliant vapour. Fantastic customer service. Thank you

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